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This is CONTRA

Contra - to oppose; go against

Contra is a brand new cryptocurrency that we've created to oppose the upcoming recession and inflationary prices we’re dealing with. Although, the economy isn’t in the best shape right now, we can lift each other up by investing in Contra during these trying times to earn some relief back. This is the #1 recession coin to help provide financial relief and guarantee a solid return. Your Investment and belief within Contra can be the one form of financial security you’ve been looking for.


We’ve all been hit hard, it’s time to work together as a team to help each other. If we all believe in Contra we will all succeed. 

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One Mission

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#1 Recession Coin

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Strong Community


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Deutsche Bank's Chief U.S. economist, Matthew Luzzetti has said that following the Fed's 0.75% rate hike, he believes a recession will happen sooner than expected and the impact will hold a more detrimental effect than what was previously projected. Luzetti states, "In response to these developments, we now expect an earlier and somewhat more severe recession."

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According to a Financial Times survey, 68% of economists believe there will be a recession in 2023. Asked when the next recession was most likely to start, 38% said it would be the first or second quarter of 2023. A further 30% predicted it would happen in the third or fourth quarter. With 2% anticipating a recession before the end of this year, the remaining 30% think recession is unlikely to happen until 2024.


According to a Bloomberg Markets Live survey conducted between March 29 and April 1: 48% of investors expect the US to fall into recession next year. 21% expect the downturn to happen in 2024, while 15% of the 525 respondents expect the recession to come as early as this year.


Why believe in Contra?

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A group of Reddit users were able to overturn the decline of the GameStop stock when hedge funds tried to profit from its downfall. Normal people like you and I got together with a plan and made it happen. The people have the power. And we all have the power to make this coin thrive.


The founder and CEO of Contra is Tobias Fuchs. Tobias graduated Magna Cum Laude in early 2021 with a Pre-Med Biology degree and a minor in chemistry. He had also been president of the largest student organization on campus, leading and attending to over 100+ members, 11 committees, and 3 executive boards while collaborating with national and regional headquarters. Additionally, he was an active member in two honor societies while also shadowing doctors and working in the emergency department at a nearby hospital. Today, Tobias is a Molecular Scientist and aspiring doctor that’s also an avid investor and miner in cryptocurrency. His expertise in statistical/data analysis has granted him an extraordinary ability to read numbers and find trends.



Tobias had predicted that following the economic peak that occurred in November 2021, the United States will feel the effects of a drastic economic downturn that will cause us to near an economic recession in early 2023. While having already experienced these effects with gas prices and inflation to a partial degree, the United States is likely to officially enter a recession in 2023.

The CEO holds significant interest in the financial well being of all others worldwide as our global economic system is all interconnected. He hopes to create a possible outlet that will channel financial relief to the masses. This concept combined with his passion and care to help others created what is now Contra. With one exact mission in mind. For Contra to become the #1 recession coin that will yield large returns in a bear market. To give back to those struggling during these times and to be a stable investment for those that choose to invest.

Tobias predicts that the recession and United States’ overall economic status may rebound by 2024, giving consumers over a year to invest in a coin that can achieve astronomical yields. Contra has been in the works for months now and after bringing on the right individuals to join our team, we have built a strong community/family that holds great networking skills and a strong foundation. Even after the recession, we hope this coin will strive and give continual returns."



1: Create a MetaMask wallet 

Create a MetaMask wallet by downloading the chrome extension and create an account. Make sure to securely save your recovery phrase as anyone who has this key can access your account. This account will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive $CTRA smart contract.

2: Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Binance Blockchain. 

How to acquire  $CTRA Token:

4. Send that BNB to your MetaMask wallet.

5: Go to then connect your wallet.

Go to the swap page and adjust the swap to BNB => CTRA (You may have to import CTRA to your wallet. Do this by copying/pasting the contract address into the search bar and clicking import)

6. Insert the smart contract’s address:


If you haven't already you will need to link the BNB smart chain to your wallet and ensure you have enough funds to make the swap. 

7: After the Last step click swap BNB to $CTRA.

3. Purchase BNB in Binance or KuCoin

If you don't have enough BNB in your wallet, you can buy some from or 

Notice: you may have to adjust your slippage to a higher percentage due to the large volume of BNB and CTRA being traded.

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